Our approvals and certifications

Research tax credit (CIR)

Research tax credit (CIR)

The Research Tax Credit (CIR) is designed to improve the innovation and competitiveness of businesses. Thanks to this tax credit, companies can spend on research and development.

CODRAH’s Research Tax Credit approval has been renewed until 2027.

Innovation tax credit (CII)

The Innovation Tax Credit (CII) is a support scheme for innovative companies introduced by the 2013 Finance Act, which complements the research tax credit (CIR). Its aim is to support SMEs that incur specific expenditure to innovate, until 31 December 2024.

Innovation tax credit (CII)
Afaq ISO 90001

ISO 9001

As a very small company, it seemed appropriate to us, as auditors for our customers, to be ISO 9001 certified ourselves. This certification reflects the quality of our know-how and skills, and proves that our organisation has established a customer culture and encourages innovation.

Our CSR commitment

Respect for our customers, subcontractors/suppliers and employees ensures a lasting relationship and economic equilibrium.

Supporting and educating OUR CUSTOMERS in their approach to sustainability issues and understanding their impact on the farm-to-fork food chain, the environment and animal welfare. Setting up ongoing monitoring on these subjects for our customers. We also make sure that our partners abide by the same values.

Eco-responsible: Favouring short circuits, sustainable development of the local area, pooling our travel and having a transversal approach to the Council through 3 prisms: nutrition health “plant, animal and human”. “providing better nutrition for the soil, plants, animals and humans”, these three pillars are incorporated in our consultancy service, for Codrah’s strength lies in having developed 3 areas of expertise in animal, plant and human nutrition and health, giving us a comprehensive view of the market, knowledge of its constraints, a clearer understanding of the issues at stake for everyone involved, and a genuine analysis of the whole sector or food chain.