Our « 3R » services

Research – Development – Demonstration

In R&D, we can play a full or partial role in your R&D by supporting you on well-defined assignments, but we can also act as project manager:

  • Feasibility study
  • Product or concept development
  • Compilation of technical, scientific and competitive intelligence databases
  • Bibliographical studies supported by our internal VINCI database
  • Personalised scientific intelligence in the form of a customised Khodralink®
  • Development support: we produce newsletters, scientific posters, product sheets and publications for a large number of our customers

For demonstrations, we provide our AHN and PHN clients with our “à la carte” portfolio of trial management services GENEHO.

Research - Development - Demonstration
Regulation and Quality

Regulation and Quality

Over the past 15 years, this department has developed a range of skills: our regulatory support services cover animal nutrition (feed), including petfood, plant nutrition and human nutrition.

We can provide:
  • Product regulatory strategy audits
  • Audits, drafting and submission of regulatory applications (feed additive, MFSC) Labelling drafting or checking (feed, food and plants)
  • Labelling drafting or checking (feed, food and plants)
  • Support for implementation and internal audits of several reference frameworks: FCA, GMP+, FAMI-QS, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, CSA-GTP –
  • ICS document transfer

Our strength lies in our knowledge of the market, regulations and our customers’ requirements We will always find the most relevant and pragmatic solution for the customer. We have developed audit templates tailored to each standard. More recently, we have developed an audit tool for feed additive regulatory applications to enhance your chances of success.

Strategic Reflection

The strategic consulting service harnesses pragmatic tools and experience of several markets and sectors. Effectively positioning a project means considering it within the context of the company, then analysing its strengths and weaknesses, the market and the competition.
Our methodology is pragmatic and rigorous, based on 2 highly operational and complementary tools. The first tool is used to set out the strategic guidelines expressed and to be developed, in keeping with the history of the company and the short-, medium- and long-term vision of the management and teams. The second tool is the analysis of resources, particularly human resources, in terms of availability, which is essential for carrying out projects. We take an in-house project management approach company-wide, so in terms of the general, R&D, scientific and commercial strategy alike. Based on a sequence of actions to be carried out, our service is documented in an initial key findings report and a roadmap, both of which are presented to you at the end of the audit.

Strategic Reflection

The advantages of our Research – Development – Demonstration support

Codrah has a 15-year track record supporting agricultural sector companies with their product or concept development, and particularly with managing their innovations. We assist them in terms of work methodology and putting together applications for external funding as well as their own CIR applications.

CODRAH has real know-how in this field, which it applies to itself as part of its own research (2 patents filed). CODRAH shares all the key stages for a successful innovation: from the idea and concept to development, intellectual protection and financing. CODRAH has developed a network that can provide guidance at every stage.

Most consultancies break the innovation process down into 7 points, but we address 14 points using our own methodology: from the project description by the teams through to the launch of the innovation.

At every stage, tools have been designed to save development time and gain in efficiency: an innovation that comes too late would be a waste of precious resources! CODRAH can then act as project manager to set the pace and help you stay on track as regards meeting your objectives.

CODRAH is recognised by the French Ministry of Education and Research and is eligible for the Research Tax Credit.