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CODRAH in Sherbroocke

On express CODRAH NA invitation, Christophe CLAVEAU, Manager of CODRAH Asia met André RANCOURT and Martin POIRIER, the representatives of the North American entity, and a leading person: Bruny SURIN. Led by Patrick GARRES, this meeting, (André OSTRENSKY were absent, held in Brazil by CODRAH Latina’s obligations), allowed the present CODRAH to make a wide survey on the functioning of the offices, on the ISO commitment of each of the entities but especially on the suppliers and the respective distributors to optimize the relationships and the products positionning. During this workweek, under a beautiful Quebec blue sky, the work did not miss. As such, about 8 contracts were set up between Europe and North America and no less than five Quebec suppliers undertook with CODRAH Asia and CODRAH (Europe). This human adventure could wish a better thus than Bruny SURIN, who decided to take a part in the CODRAH adventure in entrusting CODRAH the global development of his range of products. Even if they don’t run as fast as Bruny, they will be strong finishers to find the good distributors.

2009, November : CODRAH in Sherbroocke