World Scientific and Commercial Consulting

Our Trades

Network Leader

As Network Leaders, the Codrah offices are your Export interface: they identify and find your partners.


You are a supplier. Codrah offers support in marketing and personalised monitoring of your dossiers for each zone targeted.


You are a distributer in a country and/or a zone. We supply you with a complete range of products and exclusive and long-lasting contacts. 

The Codrah operational forces

  • The presence of offices on several continents
  • Direct access to the necessary information for registration and development of products
  • Knowledge of ways and customs for proper positioning and development of products 
  • The sharing of costs, to export economically and in respect for the environment : we reduce your annual export budget by a factor of 5 to 10 ! 





CODRAH offers an international gateway at reduced cost.


In less than two and a half years, numerous companies have signed distribution and representation contracts and export to more than 20 countries without ever having visited them.