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3rd European Meeting

May 24, 2012 (APIGNE CASTLE - RENNES – France)

NOVACARB organized its 3rd day Animal Nutrition on the site of Apigné Castle near Rennes. About fifty customers and partners were able throughout the day to be informed, at the same time, about the last evolutions in poultry research, as well as, about the trends in dairy breedings, in French Britainy. 

Partner in the first two Novacarb days organization, CODRAH, represented by Patrick GARRES, was requested this year, to intervene on a more scientific theme, in a purpose to remind to the public, constituted of numerous nutritionists, the fundamental basis on the management of the cellular exchanges, the importance of the DCAD, the EE and finally the relation between pH and buffering power at the level of the pluricellular bodies, with an aim on the feed formulation. Let us pledge that this presentation was able to contribute to put back to the light these bases, seen on the University benches.... 

2012, May : NOVACARB Meeting